Volunteer your time

Volunteer your time

The Nesbitt Centre provides a professional platform for our volunteers and interns to contribute their time and expertise to support the disability community

Volunteers come to us from many different walks of life – those who have lived in Hong Kong for many years with family grown up and time on their hands, school students looking to gain credits such as CAS points, AYP credits and as a part of their Make a Difference Week, Work Experience, Job Shadowing experiences etc. Those returning to Hong Kong for their holidays, and others new to Hong Kong looking for something different and worthwhile to fill their time

There are many ways you can volunteer with us. We can put your time, talents services and products to use to benefit our students whilst having fun in the process. Some may volunteer for a day a week, for a few weeks and there are those who have been volunteering with us for a great number of years!

Our volunteer program has taken on a much more structured format with new volunteers receiving a handbook / induction pack outlining our organisation and what is expected from them as a volunteer. There is also a section for them to record the hours worked with us and the activities they have taken part in. Those joining us from schools also receive feedback from us to their teachers / tutors.

Letter from a volunteer

James Ellis, Volunteer at The Nesbitt Centre
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The Nesbitt Centre offers an internship programme for both local and international students. We currently have students in the fields of Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology interning with us.

We involve our interns in a professional mentoring relationship built between an intern (the mentee) and an experienced staff member (the mentor). Whilst the interns may be experienced in some areas of operation, our mentoring program ensures that they have all the tools, resources and support needed to maximize their success not only in their first few weeks, but during their ongoing internship. We provide as much opportunity as possible through observation, coaching, guiding and hands on experience so that our Interns gain an in-depth understanding of The Nesbitt Centre and feel competent in starting their internship with us.

Interns benefit from the program as they quickly expand their skills, knowledge and experience within the internship period, develop strong communication and leadership skills, align good networks and contacts across the NGO sector, and in general are better equipped to work in the special needs community.

This program is also aimed at encouraging young people to work in the disability field by giving the opportunity for Interns to have a real life experience and to grow their careers and / or continue their studies in this sector.

Letter from an Intern

Hattie Clarkson, Intern at The Nesbitt Centre from Sept 2014 - April 2015
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